Dulili seeks to collaboratively help businesses and individuals fulfil their goals and objectives by providing expertise through ideas, knowledge, and software solutions.

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Process Review

Dulili specialises in process reviews, which evaluate the extensive end-to-end processes of company workforce management, human resource and payroll functions and advising on industry best… Learn More

Software Review

We perform software reviews which involve evaluating the software applications and technology a company is using for workforce management, payroll, and human resource functions.We then… Learn More

Software Selection

Software selection is the stage during which we advise on software and technology optimisation and upgrade. Most software projects have a higher success rate when… Learn More

Software Implementation

After performing a process review, software review and selection assistance report, we then move onto the software implementation stage.Depending on the area of the business,… Learn More

Integration & Reporting

Efficiency is the key to success and our expertise will achieve that for you by encompassing several core products within the Payroll, HR, and Workforce… Learn More