At Dulili, we understand the risks involved with labour costs and the fact that they are often the biggest costs to most companies. Thus, a small mistake could create an unwanted, unplanned repayment – which is what our software solutions and processes work towards completely avoiding.

Furthermore, workplace legislation can be complex and difficult to understand, even harder to follow and often misinterpreted. Understanding legislation, and how it should be applied is critical.

Whilst it is common for HR members to receive formal training, this is often overlooked for Payroll managers and appropriate training is put on the back burner. This inevitable, opens up to the risk of fines, expensive remediation and a hurt reputation.

We work closely with key internal stakeholders to ensure employment obligations are followed correctly and efficiently. We also work on identifying problems, providing software solutions, and analysing data.

Our compliance audits analyse:

  • Annualised Award Salary Payments
  • Long Service Leave Accruals (based on the state or territory legislation)
  • Superannuation Guarantee Payments (OTE and SG amounts)
  • Award Interpretation
  • General Payroll Health Check

Our remediation audits analyse:

  • The extent of the issue
  • Calculate the corrections to be made
  • Perform root cause analysis
  • Award Interpretation
  • Recommend and implement process and application updates to ensure the same issue does not re-occur