After performing a process review, software review and selection assistance report, we then move onto the software implementation stage.

Depending on the area of the business, most organisations update and change software applications every 5-15 years and have limited internal capabilities or experience in running an implementation process.

Our purpose is to add our expertise to the in-house skills an organisation already has, and together we will increase the success of the project.

We aim to deliver the highest service and deliverables when implementing your new software solutions.

Here is an example of the key steps we undertake during the software implementation process:

Tasks Details
Backfill Existing employees Projects are more successful when the new software is understood and implemented effectively. This option, will backfill the existing employees so they can work with the vendor and learn how the software operates.
Scope and Design Ensure the organisations needs are understood and documented. The document created at this step will be used to create the setup and provide instructions in relation to the use of the solution.
Configuration Adjust the application and create outputs to suit the organisational needs and business processes
Data Migration Upload extracted from existing system and loaded into the new software
Training Help key users understand how to use the solution
User Acceptance Testing/Parallel runs Compare the current and previous processes to ensure the calculations are as expected. Minor changes from what was designed may be needed at this point.
Go Live Support Migrate all the changes from the test system to the production system, be on hand to help process the first time it is run and ensure that the organisation understands and incorporates the new processes effectively
Post Implementation Evaluation This step is focused on helping an organisation to loop back to the beginning and evaluate the success or areas to improve and the original business requirements. It will also evaluate any post live issues that are outstanding that the vendor needs to address and what may be needed moving forward to get the most out of the new software.
Project Management Planning updates to key stake holders
Quality Assurance Ensure all configuration and processes are followed