Efficiency is the key to success and our expertise will achieve that for you by encompassing several core products within the Payroll, HR, and Workforce Management.


An all-in-one integration solution

Dulili’s aim is to combine individual specialist software your organisation needs into one solution that provides visibility by moving data securely between systems and making the information visible to managers and administrators through specialised reporting tools.

This integration between software enables a person to have all the information they need within the system they are accustomed to, without needing to access other systems or manually input data.

Automation by one vendor

Automatic data transfer

Data automation increases efficiency and enables the ability to source the best of bread products and combine them under one solution without adding administration.

Transferring data between multiple systems can become problematic and time-consuming, due to the need for a Vendor A to output the data so Vendor B can import it.

At Dulili, we use your software APIs to perform both of these tasks and eliminate the need for multiple vendors. Additionally, if there are gaps in your integration process, we can create bridges to streamline your transfers.

The benefits of having one integration partner to both output and input the data between systems not only saves you time and money but it also provides you one place to go when there is a problem with the transfer.


Efficient, minimal effort data reporting

Our reporting solutions are focused on enabling managers, employees, and administrators to access data via efficient reporting that removes the need for additional effort from those who enter the information.

Data can be provided to those who need it in two secure ways:


  • Sending information to those who need it so they can action and view the data.
  • This can be done via emails, SMS and placing reports in secure folders.


  • Provides access to those who need the information when they want it and as they want it.
  • This can be provided through reporting portals, product driven self-service web tools or business intelligence dashboards that are automatically updated.