We perform software reviews which involve evaluating the software applications and technology a company is using for workforce management, payroll, and human resource functions.

We then seek out gaps in which we can optimise and upgrade the software and technology that’s currently implemented and change it to more modern software or technologies when needed.

Our software reviews have 3 clear objectives to help improve the use of systems within the organisation. These include:

Document Business Requirements

Having a written benchmark will ensure that all requirements are being met and can be used for all future systems to ensure they are providing value to the organisation.

Workshops will be run and create a requirements matrix considering the needs of each key group:

  • HR Team (including specific areas like L&D and OHS)
  • Payroll Team
  • ICT Team
  • Finance Team
  • Operational Managers
Map the requirements against existing systems

This process will be used to:

  • Identify gaps where no current system meets the current requirements.
  • Highlight requirements that overlap in different systems and could be met by another system currently in use within the organisation.
  • This will provide the organisation the ability to determine which systems could be removed, which functions could be consolidated, or which areas need a new system.
Adjust Systems

Once there is a clear picture of what the issues are and how they may be able to be solved, this step is focused on executing the solution.

This step will focus on mapping out a process to implement new features on existing systems or look at other system(s) in the market that could fulfil the requirements in a more effective way.